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[Infographic] Snapshot of Canada’s Residential Mortgage Market 3-01

Placemat artwork 1


Placemat artwork


Placemat artwork


Placemat artwork

This series of infographics I developed for the women’s day (march 8) 2015, with the directions that the client gave me.

Client: World Health Organization

ServiceWorks 3

Gift Card Infographic-01

MOCKUP 1 EMAXE-max is a US based company – the focus is internet based projects and opportunities mostly relating to foreign travelers and consumers; Everything they do is focused on value added consumer services.

Placemat artwork

I made this poster for World Health Organization, in the Women’s Day 2015

Proposal Infographic-01

A proposal that I made for Onusida, it was redesigned because that fundation doesn’t accept the stereotypes, but I think it is a great infographic and I share it with you.

Una propuesta que hice para Onusida, ésta infografía luego fue rediseñada porque la fundación no acepta estereotipos, pero creo que es una buena infografía y por eso la comparto con ustedes




Violencia TransCliente: ONUSIDA LATINA

renders hojelataCampaña contra la Violencia 3D max + Photoshop

Transitioning Leaders Infographic-01-01-01

Interior 3d

3D Max + Photoshop

Stand final

Realizado para participación en evento de laboratorio farmacéutico (Softwares: 3d max y Photoshop)



Softwares: 3D Max y Photoshop

Best Cities in Canada

Butaca finalDiseñado por el ing. Edwin Romero, modelado, renderizado e infografía por Jesús Sabino


medio ambienteObjetivo: motivar a niños y jóvenes a cuidar el medio ambiente

Canadian´s debt 2


Infographic for presentation, it show the strenght force that has the social media



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