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Flyers single side for a gym

My client asked me for these flyers for their client (gym) to motivates the residents that lives in a building closer to the gym to get memebership.

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Watercolouring for housing project

In this project the client had just the blueprints and lineal elevations of a housing complex ,  by the time they were building those houses they needed pictures for the sales department where their clients can see or get an idea how the houses could see in real life so they ask me for couloring the elevations they had with watercolors effects, here is an example:

..And here see the process


The Final Results for all elevations:

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Proposal Infographic [Propuesta de infografía]

Proposal Infographic-01

A proposal that I made for Onusida, it was redesigned because that fundation doesn’t accept the stereotypes, but I think it is a great infographic and I share it with you.

Una propuesta que hice para Onusida, ésta infografía luego fue rediseñada porque la fundación no acepta estereotipos, pero creo que es una buena infografía y por eso la comparto con ustedes